Of Chuck Taylor and a Can of Worms

I woke up in the middle of the night on Friday thinking..."where are those Chuck Taylors?" You see, when Noah was little, I bought him a pair of vintage Chucks on Ebay. It was my attempt at being mathcy-matchy with my kid...when your mom/son...sneakers are as matchy-matchy as you can get. Noah didn't like the way they felt. When they fit Peter, HE didn't like the way they felt. Hoping they would last, I packed them away knowing 8 years down the road they'd fit somebody.

Saturday morning, poured a cup of coffee, and set off to find them...somewhere...in the attic. I opened the door, and immediately wanted to shut it and pretend that I didn't see that huge mess. As luck would have it, I immediately saw a box labeled "boys size 7 pants, size large dress shirts, size 1 boots, size medium sweatshirts, and...CHUCK TAYLORS SIZE 1. Evidently, THAT box was packed in one of those OCD moments, which are rare...oh, shut up...yes they are! Anyway it was taped up like Fort Knox, I got it open, grabbed the chucks and searched for Oliver like the he was Cinderella or something. Please God...let him "like" the way they feel, I prayed. You see, Steven and I both love Chucks (we're both in need of new ones) and if we don't have at least ONE kid that loves them too...well, theirs always adoption!

Um....now we have to teach him how to tie his shoes, because in this world of velcro and slip-ons, I'm afraid we've neglected to do that.

Back to the attic to re-stack the boxes, and despite every instinct to turn and walk away from the mess...I couldn't. Darn...cleaning the attic was NOT on my list of things to do, but I just couldn't help myself.

Before I tell you what I found, let me tell you that I had just...and I mean JUST told Steven that Oliver needed 2 more pair of school pants (trying to make it through a week with 3 wasn't happening), and at least 1 more pair of play pants. Linus needed all new winter clothes, underwear, and PJ's.

Fast-forward 3 hours later, I had found an entire winter wardrobe for Linus, and a whole other box of spring/summer for next year. 10 pair of Linus-size underwear, more PJ's than I can fit in his drawer including 6 footed sleepers. That's gold to me...I hate bying PJ's...it PAINS me to spend money on PJ's. Then...get this...I found 2 pairs of Oliver-sized khaki pants, and a nice pair of Hannah Andersson play pants.

I also managed to fill 2 boxes with baby clothes for a friend, a huge bag of 3T stuff for another friend, put away and labeled all the heirloom/family/handmade things that I'm saving for, ahem, grandchildren...not that I'm old enough or anything, but it doesn't hurt to plan, and 2 bags of maternity clothes for Goodwill. All of this because I wanted to find a pair of shoes! See how God works? He knew that attic needed to be cleaned...he knew my kids needed clothes...now several people get to benefit from the little middle-of-the-night obesession about finding those sneakers.

Now...about the bathrooms that didn't get cleaned because I was putzing around in the attic all day....

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