Le Apron

An old theater pal of mine decided to up and start a cupcake company. Introducing...Le Cupcake! Go to her facebook page and "like". I am also in the throws of starting the Michigan Cupcake Company, and thought when we both come head to head at Cupcake Wars, she'll need something cute for the competition.

Enter...Le Apron. I didn't ask ahead of time if she wanted a half or full apron, so I decided to make the bib detachable. Why haven't I thought of this before? I know I don't have time to make and stock my Etsy store with these, so I'm going to tweak the design a bit and share in a tutorial coming soon so everyone can make their own. In the meantime, I must make one for myself, so that when we come head to head...or cupcake to cupcake on the Food Network I'm not wearing the restaurant-style, plain white one I wear in my own kitchen.

And speaking of cupcakes...I had an order for snake-themed cupcakes this weekend.

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