The Pregnant Pause

I received this in an email from a friend today, and it rings so true. I was watching an episode of The Baby Story on TLC...they had this girl on her back, legs up and IN STIRRUPS! Does it get any more archaic than that? That's just ONE of the reasons I can't stand that show....don't get me started...enjoy the poem.

The Pregnant Pause

My baby is not a library book,So she is not overdue.
My baby does not take long to cook,Because she is not veggie stew.

My baby is not an elephant,
And I am not fit to burst.
The time and date are not relevant,
We are blessed with days, not cursed.

My baby cannot read dates as yet,
Because she is very new.
So there is no cause to fuss and fret,
If she does not come on cue.

So stop your worry,
Stop your asking.
There is no hurry,
We are definitely relaxing.
This golden pregnant time,
This pause, just hers and mine.
Please leave us be, we are just fine.

Author unknown

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  1. Love this!! Every pregnant woman should give a copy to their OB (since midwives wouldn't really need this! :) ) towards the end of the pregnancy! :)


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