That Oliver Is a Piece of Work

So I have no idea how to get into a routine now that I'm at home. I swore to myself that I'd shower everyday and get dressed rather than sitting around in pajamas until noon. Uh....Oliver asked me today why my legs are sharp, so I guess I'm looking like a slacker. I did get some sewing done today. I'm working on a "daddy shirt" outfit made from a lovely celadon and white gingham which I'm pairing with some of the Robert Kaufman organic cotton I got from one of my co-ops.
It's been so nice to have so much time with Oliver and Linus, and despite my cramped little sewing niche in the living room, I love that I can turn around and tickle, or stop what I'm doing at any given moment to kiss a boo boo, read a book (Linus brought me Green Eggs and Ham to read), or quickly respond when my little nursling is needy. I am amazed, by the way, at just how much he wants to nurse, and am saddened to think that he was missing out on so much mama milk while I was working. He still eats food, but obviously prefers more of my milk than anything.
Oliver and I had a couple of interesting conversations today. While I was checking email this morning, he walked up and pointed to pictures of the 2 presidential candidates, and correctly identified them both...by name...and color...he called John McCain the "peach one". I'm at a loss for where he got that. He also asked me if Nancy Pelosi was running for President...where does he get this...he's 3?
Before dinner, Oliver, Linus and I took a walk around the block. Linus walks too slow for Oliver, so he was quite a distance ahead of us. Suddenly he ran up to me to tell me that when he was up the street, I looked really small. So I started to explain how the distance between you and an object will effect how you percieve it's size. Pointing to the airplane flying overhead, he saw how small it looked, but having seen them close-up at the airport, understands their true size. He is suddenly seeing everything differently...oh to watch him learn is amazing! Of course 2 minutes later when he was more than half a block ahead of me, I ran up someone's driveway to retrieve Linus who had been distracted by some flowers, only to look ahead and see Oliver, pants and underwear around his ankles, peeing on someone's front lawn. Oh geeze! I was too far away to stop him, and thankfully nobody at the home saw him. I carried Linus the rest of the way, and we walked quickly...at least till we rounded the corner.

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