Sneak Peek of Spring

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Today brought a warm breeze and sunshine at a time when I was beginning to feel like winter would never end. How marvelous it was to get outside with the kids and go to the park...we could have stayed all day, but with tomorrow being Oliver's birthday, there were preparations to tend to.


Today was also Oliver's first visit to the dentist. I was so touched at how Dr. Weiss' assistant showed him each instrument, explained what they were for, and let him touch them. She instructed him as to how to use the "suction thing"...give me a break, it's late and I can't come up with anything more technical sounding than that. In any case, he was a trooper, and model patient. His teeth are in fine shape, and it was determined based on the x-ray, that he is going to have my rather large front teeth...poor thing. The tech made it a point to tell me that they should look just fine on a man. Ummm....hello?

Oliver's first visit to the Dentist
Oliver's first visit to the Dentist


  1. Happy VGNO! I am glad the trip to the dentist went well, can't wait till I have to take my little guy, bleh! ;-)

  2. Such nice pictures for the baby book! Thanks for sharing!

    Visiting from MBC and fav'd you to Technorati!

  3. She didn't say that!!!! Ahhhh! That's like the nurse who was testing my breasts for lumps and then told me that I didn't have anything to worry about because my breasts were so small... ummm... hello!

  4. I had such a nice word verification code - grace!

  5. Thank you so much for playing at the Virtual GNO. I hope that you were able met some wonderful bloggers!

    This story about the dentist makes me so happy. I'm searching for a kind dentist for my girls right now actually. :->


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