And Speaking of Vacation Bible School...

Oliver gushes and gushes about how much he loved going to vacation bible school across the street from Grandma's house, but he didn't really share details until today. Tonight, this was our conversation over dinner.
Oliver: Heaven is way up in the sky...in the desert.
Mom: Well, the desert is here on earth.
Oliver: Well, God is in the desert. You can't even touch the desert because it's like, far away, it's like feeling nothing. And in the desert they use record players instead of tv's, because they didn't have tv's that long ago.
Mom: What else did you learn.
Oliver: Teacher taught us about Moses, Jesus, and the Pharoh. When we went to bible bayou, we had a hunt, and we pretended the people were wild creatures. That was so funny, it freaked me out. But it was just pretend...it was fantastic. We got to make our own hats.

Then he said he was done with dinner, that he didn't care for my meatballs, and could he have a popsicle.

That's all I have to say about that!

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