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A few days ago I posted of a thrift store find that I was to transform into a shoulder tie tunic for myslef. Of course, being a creative creature, once I started cutting, I yearned to try something different. I kind of regret it, but have learned a few things along the way.
First I started searching for inspiration, and what better place to search than through the millions of creative blogs that are out there. First I stumbled across Jezze who even had a tutorial!

Aside ~ As someone who has been sewing for less than 2 years, I'm all about the tutorials. Just when I think I know how to do something, I look for a tutorial and find what is usually a better way...ok, the right way.

So she inspired me to keep the shirt whole on top and make pleats at the neckline. I kind of followed her method of sizing the shirt, but this shirt was huge...I think a 3 or 4X. My shirt, unlike hers, had a pleat in the back as many men's shirts do. I just enclosed that pleat in a larger inverted pleat. Once I got that done, I trimmed the necline to sit where I wanted it to, and started pleating and pinning the front. I hacked the sleeves up and made bias to bind the neckline, and was very pleased with that part of the project. The back is another story.

Once I thought I was done, I hated the fit. I mean, I am trying to hide the extra 70 pounds I don't need, but I didn't want it to look like a maternity shirt. Darts? Yea, right...I've only done darts once, and it was a project where I actually used a pattern. If I hadn't already cut the sleeves and put elastic in, I would bring the sides in. I started by adding 2 strips in the back to hold the pleats down (there is probably a technical ter m for this, but I haven't a clue). It helps with how the shirt lays in the back, but I still think it's too bulky.

Shorten it, belt it...maybe just start all over and do what I was going to in the beginning? Don't know, but will show pictures of it on when I feel like I'm not modeling for the Motherhood maternity store.

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