I Love Autumn!!!

Autumn seems to be the shortest season. It is often flanked by lingering hot summer weather and premature snowfall giving the impression that it came and went in 2 or 3 weeks. The younger kids seem to really be into the Halloween part of things and are awaiting the many parties this weekend and trick or treating the following weekend with eager anticipation.

Last weekend we carved pumpkins and indulged in the seasonal apple sugar donuts and fresh apple cider...mmmm. The pumpkins look wonderful, but don't look at me...I just took pictures and cleaned up...Steven and the kids did all the work. On Sunday the weather was beautiful, and I was itching for a long walk. I headed over to Henry Ford Estate with Noah, Oliver, and Linus...camera in hand, and had a great time. Thanks to the late afternoon sun, I got some really lovely pictures.

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  1. These are such lovely photos :-) Really sweet.


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