Very Important Prayer Request

This message came from a friend of mine in Rockford. Please pray for Christine, her family, and for baby Marita.

As many of you already know there have been some concerns over the
baby I am carrying--I am about 25 weeks along. 4 weeks ago I had an
ultrasound done that showed that the baby had only one functioning
kidney and had a 1 in 13 chance of Downs syndrome. Well, yesterday we
had another ultrasound done and it didn't look good. The kidney has
swollen and is blocked. This is causing the other organs to be pushed
out of place, the heart to work harder and the lungs will not be able
to fully develop. The doctor can go in and try to drain the kidney
but feels that it would just fill right back up and there is a high
danger of killing the baby if this procedure is done. By not doing
anything it is possible the baby will die in utero or be born with
serious medical complications and may not survive long. But also, by
not doing something it is possible the kidney swelling could go down.
The doctor just doesn't know--it is not possible to know what could/
will happen. Any prayers or sacrifices you could offer for the baby
and us--we named her Marita (Mary and St. Rita combined) would be
greatly appreciated. We are being scheduled for a second opinion from
another doctor soon. If you belong to other prayer chains and could
pass this intention along, that would be great. We are praying for a
miracle but more importantly the strength to accept God's will.

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